RIDENGINE: India’s First Peer-Peer Online Rental Discovery Platform

Calling themselves the ‘RelayRides’ for Bikes and Cars in India, Ridengine is in the market to revolutionize the Indian bike & car rental space by bringing in transparency and helping people rent bike/car to a trusted user. The startup is founded by three Johns Hopkins University (U.S) graduates – Dinesh Rao, Harish Chandramowli and Narayan Gowraj, while Ronald Reddy and NeeleshCherukuri hold key positions in the startup. Ridengine not only aims to overcome the challenges specific to Indian car rental Market but also act as act as a medium of communication for non-tech rental partners to reach with tech-savvy younger population and make use of the services they have to offer.
“Ridengine is a service to save you hassle when making online rental. It’s meant for times when you’d normally comb through rental company reviews and Google searches to choose a vehicle and service to rent from. Ridengine will curate a list of vehicles within your proximity and price range, ranked by user rating. Therefore, it’s meant for those looking to make better decisions for their rental experience.”
Cofounder Dinesh Rao is optimistic that the Indian rental industry transformation may already be in its early stages. He also said players like Carzonrent and Zoomcar are doing their part in changing the marketplace for self-driving rental experience. The focus of RIdengine is providing a channel for the existing rental retailers to improve in a variety of ways in the industry. Ridengine helps businesses get a free online rental platform, in which customers at their brick-and-mortar locations can book an online order from within their fleet. By aggregating Ridengine not only is enabling more reach but giving important data metrics to their rental partners to help improve their revenue. Users would love Ridengine platform as they can make a booking online even before they reach their destination for eg: If you were planning a road trip at Goa, Ridengine would save you the hassle of calling vendors, haggling prices and confirming availability. How many vendors in Goa have online presence and can manage their fleet through web applications. We are simply re-inventing the rental space by providing a solution using technology.
Current Stage: Ready for Beta release with minimal features while making key partnerships with Indian rental retailers. Discussions regarding funding are ongoing with several Angel Investors in New York City and Mumbai.
Website: Ridengine.com