Art & Found: Online Showcase for Artists


Nutshell: One of the best looking startups we have hunted lately, Art & Found is showcase for artists to sell their art, display their portfolio and for art enthusiasts its a channel to buy art. Now everyone can visit a Art show right from their home thanks to Art & Found!

Startup Overview

Art needs community. An inter-mingling of minds, craft and soul. To inspire, to be inspired. To be admired. We are that space. At Art & Found we have contemporary art for sale from the best young, emerging artists. Discovered. Curated. Focused on the aesthetics of a niche audience.


What is Art & Found?

Art & Found is an online platform for artists to showcase, share and sell their work. We are a community of designers, illustrators, typographers, photographers, painters and doodlers who have come together to celebrate and sustain artistic value. Our aim is to empower the artist community.


Who are we for?

There’s no one kind of artist. You could be a designer, a typographer, an illustrator, a photographer, a doodler or even a classic connoisseur of the canvas. Simply put, if you create something beautiful or even surprising, that’s art. And that’s what we at Art & Found are looking for. To help introduce your art to the world. And of course, the world to you.


What’s the problem?

The artist community is disorganised, undervalued and underpaid. Artists don’t have a means to make their art accessible to art buyers at a fair price. Art buyers don’t have access to beautiful, curated art at their convenience focusing on what appeals to their aesthetics at a palatable price point.


Who’s behind the story?

Aditya Mehta is the Founder & Creative Director of Art & Found. An Art Director from Mumbai, he likes solving problems with simple solutions making the process fun. Seven years in advertising gave him an opportunity to work with some of the most talented artists across the creative industry. This gave him some perspective into a disorganised artist community that deserved better intrinsic and monetary value. Art & Found was born with a need to empower the artist community. After roughly 12 months, Art & Found went live mid of July 2015. It is currently in early-access stage and recently got featured on BetaList and Startuplister.


Rohini Kejriwal is the Social Media Community Manager for Art & Found. She is a writer and photographer from Calcutta.  She is always up for a good story, traveling, new music, strong coffee and the company of crows. A self-proclaimed beauty hunter, she also curates her own daily news-letter of art, poetry and music called The Alipore Post.


Where are we?



Twitter: @artandfound

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